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It’s often said that China is in a cold war with America. The reality is far worse: the war is hot, and the body count is one-sided.

It’s often said that China is in a cold war with America. The reality is far worse: the war is hot, and the body count is one-sided.

China is killing Americans and working aggres­sively to maximize the carnage while our leaders remain passive and, in some cases, compliant. Why?

If anyone could crack the code, it’s the renowned nonpartisan investigator Peter Schweizer. Schweizer’s previous three number one New York Times bestsellers sent shock waves through official Wash­ington, sparking FBI investigations and congres­sional probes that continue to this day.

For Blood Money, Schweizer and his team of forensic investigators spent more than two years scouring a trove of restricted Chinese military documents, data-mining a mountain of American financial records, and tracking US political lead­ers’ investments and family businesses. Schweizer unloads bombshell after bombshell, exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s covert operations in the American drug trade, social justice movement, and medical establishment to sow chaos and deca­dence in the United States.

A towering achievement of investigative jour­nalism, Blood Money is one of those rare books that makes you clearly see the world anew.




Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans by Peter Schweizer is a provocative and eye-opening exploration of the complex web of relationships linking powerful individuals, corporations, and governments, and the devastating consequences for ordinary Americans. Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, Schweizer shines a light on the dark underbelly of global politics and business, revealing how profit and power often take precedence over human lives. With a relentless focus on exposing the truth, Blood Money forces readers to confront uncomfortable realities about the dangers of unchecked greed and corruption in the pursuit of dominance.

Schweizer’s narrative unfolds like a high-stakes thriller, drawing readers into a world where moral compromises are the norm and alliances are forged at the expense of national security. From backroom deals to blatant disregard for ethical standards, Schweizer paints a chilling picture of a system rife with betrayal and deceit. By centering the narrative around China’s insidious influence and its impact on American lives, Blood Money serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of turning a blind eye to the predatory tactics of foreign powers.

Through the lens of gripping storytelling and hard-hitting analysis, Schweizer prompts readers to question their assumptions about power, accountability, and the true cost of maintaining the status quo. Blood Money is a call to action, urging readers to reclaim their agency in the face of overwhelming corruption and to demand transparency and justice from those in positions of authority. In a world where the powerful wield immense influence and the vulnerable are left to bear the consequences, Schweizer’s work serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of holding those in power accountable for their actions.

Reviews 2024

Review by *The New York Times*:

*"Peter Schweizer's *Blood Money* is a searing indictment of the dangerous liaisons between power and profit, and the devastating impact on American lives. Through his rigorous research and compelling storytelling, Schweizer unveils a chilling reality where moral compasses are discarded in favor of financial gain. Drawing a direct line between China's predatory actions and the complicity of the powerful in turning a blind eye, *Blood Money* is a wake-up call for all who care about the future of our nation."*

Review by *The Washington Post*:

*"In *Blood Money*, Peter Schweizer delivers a gut-wrenching exposé of the unholy alliances that imperil national security and jeopardize the safety of everyday Americans. With a keen eye for detail and an unflinching commitment to uncovering the truth, Schweizer lays bare the stark realities of a world where principles are sacrificed on the altar of power. *Blood Money* is a riveting read that challenges readers to confront the uncomfortable truths that lie beneath the surface of our society."*

Review by *Publishers Weekly*:

*"Peter Schweizer’s *Blood Money* is a tour de force that peels back the layers of deception and corruption surrounding the entangled relationships between power brokers and China’s predatory actions. Through his incisive analysis and compelling narrative, Schweizer exposes the stark consequences of turning a blind eye to the dangers lurking in the shadows. *Blood Money* is a clarion call for accountability, transparency, and a renewed commitment to safeguarding the interests of the American people. An essential read for anyone concerned about the erosion of democratic values in the face of unchecked greed."

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